You cannot be serious…

29 Dec

You know, just when you think that you have life somewhat figured out and make a plan, the universe laughs and shows you who is really in charge.  Remember that nice 6miler that Todd and I were going to do Christmas Day?  Well, it never happened (more on why it didn’t happen, later).  And now, 4 days later, I still haven’t run.  Could I have run on the 26th? Yes, but but was snowing quite hard.  Coud I have ran on the 27th?  Yes, but I just didn’t feel like it.  Could I have run on the 28th? Yes, but felt terrible nad didn’t want to exert myself too much.  And what about today?  Well, today was my first day back to work since Christmas Eve and I am exhausted.  So of course, no running today.  So if you’re keeping track (and you know I am), my last run was EIGHT days ago!!!  What!?!?  How did this happen?  And now my 10k is in 3 days and by then I’ll have gone a week and a half without running.  If nothing, I guess my legs will be fresh!  But seriously, the fact hasn’t escaped me that I 1)signed up for the half, and 2)had a bad run, and I haven’t been running since.  Self sabotage?  Or just a busy schedule?

Now, why didn’t I run on Christmas Day (because I was looking forward to it A LOT – more on why later)?  Because it was one of the worst mornings I think I’ve ever had and it contained no less than the following things:

The furnace stopped working

My oven locked itself and wouldn’t open.  Todd had to reef on the door and use a pair of vise grips to ‘fix’ it.  And                 this was after it started malfunctioning and threated not to work at all.  Did I mention that we hosted Christmas?

I accidentally stabbed my self in the hand

I accidentally stabbed Todd in the hand.  Well more like a prick…

The turkey was still frozen when we went to stuff it

I had a dozen or so onions fall on my head – one, by, one.  At this one, I declared: “Where’s the camera?  Seriously,            are you kidding me???”

Sadly this isn’t everything that happened, but I need to stop the pity party and the evening ended up pretty ok.  It would have been better if we could have taken that run though.  Now why did I want to run so much?  Well, because Todd and I got matching Christmas presents:

Introducing my new Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS!!!  It does sooooo much!!!  Here’s the Garmin website description, because I don’t think that I can remember everything!  To see all of the functions, check out the Specs tab. So now you see why I was itching to go for a run.  But it’s still in the box and I still haven’t run.  Hard to believe.

I just decided that the Garmin needs a name.  Suggestions?


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