Buffalo Lockjaw

25 Sep

I’m part of a small online bookclub and we just finished a book called ‘Buffalo Lockjaw’ which is written by Greg Ames.  I had never heard of this book before it was selected and I really like the fact that I’m being exposed to new-to-me authors and *hopefully* fantastic literary fiction.  Our October book has yet to be announced (which is just fine as I’m currently reading two others – see the sidebar).  I haven’t suggested a book myself this time, but I eagerly await the decision.  Below is what I added to our bookclub forum as my short review/critique of  the book.  I think that everything I say is obtuse enough that you won’t know anything you shouldn’t if you want to read the book yourself.  This includes the last line – it’s probably not what you think.

Buffalo Lockjaw – Greg Ames

Finished the book! I enjoyed it. Can I say that I *really* enjoyed it and that I’m going to read his entire body of work? Hmmm… not sure, but I can say that it kept me turning the pages, wondering what was happening and where this premise would lead to next. In fact, the first 4 or 5 pages confused the hell out of me! I couldn’t figure out who the narrator was, or what page 1 had to do with page 3. That’s right, the interviews threw me for a loop and after re-reading *ahem* 3 times, I realized the premise. One thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that I wasn’t completely sure until the very end, whether *James* was going to complete the act or not. However, I did feel that there was some foreshadowing to the outcome, in Rodney’s responses/reactions to James’ queries about euthanasia and Ellen. Given this, I wasn’t completely surprised at the ending, but I liked it. I found it sad, of course, but satisfying. Often at the end of a book I find myself looking for 3 or four more chapters. With this book, I felt as though we just saw a small snippet of their lives, and once the book was over, their lives went on…well most of them.

Can’t wait for the next book!


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